what age should my child get a tablet?

What is the best age to get your child a tablet?

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Before, numerous parents marvelled at what age should they give their child full access to their car keys. These days, parents have to think on a trickier question, and that is, what age should their child own a tablet.  From the time your child gets a grip on an item in grasp, they go after your electronic gadgets, especially your mobile phones and computers. However, are these gadgets harmful to their development? Or do they empower ‘technological intelligence? Tablet ownership has dramatically increased more than doubled in the past couple of years and as many parents discovered, children are highly proficient in using them since tablets are portable and convenient to use and run a huge array of apps that engage kids’ minds in variety of ways.

What is the best age to get your child a tablet?

Is your child old enough to manage a tablet?  Tablet is a gadget initially introduced to public year 1990s. Today tablet is one of the top wish list of things kids want to own. Basically, it’s not just because your kid like to push buttons and watch videos does not mean they are ready for a computer gadget. Your child might be ready at some point or another, depending on the level of supervision required. Experts recommend waiting until your child is at least preschool age.  They say that children under two years of age gain best from real-world experiences and interactions, and every moment spent in front of a screen-based gadget is a moment when your child is not exploring the world and using their senses, which is extremely important and critical for their development process, However, in a supervised environment, children as young as three or four are able to engage in learning activities using smartphones and tablets of various sorts.  Many children are active gadget users and can benefit from electronic media with educational content. Basically, when a child doesn’t feel forced in learning vocabulary words and numbers and gets the chance to utilize a fun touch screen, it makes them progressively eager and excited to learn. Children are actually interacting with content. This content often uses strategies such as repeating an idea, introducing images that capture attention and sounds using kids instead of grown-up voices for the characters, making the learning experience richer and more significant.

what is the best age for my kid to get a tablet?


There are numerous reasons tablets are useful for children and it’s not just about getting to be educated to technology or keeping them entertained. Together with numerous positive aspects for kids to use a tablet, there is a bunch of benefits for parents to get it and let the kids utilize the gadget.

  • Incredible Educational Tool

Children develop natural ability with regards to technology. Tablet opens door for your kid to learn and stimulate mind in a fun and modern way. It can be a powerful educational device for toddlers, from numbers, to new words and to how things work. It can aid in making your child’s mind evolve. Certain apps or games can expose your child to a variety of information, culture and way of life. With a tablet being capable of handling all these needs and tasks, kids who learn to read and study with the use of the device feel themselves more confident, engaged and cooperative.

what is the best age for my kid to get a tablet?
  • Source of Entertainment

When you are busy and live in a small house with kids, whatever diversion that is pack in such a little item as tablet is a win. Since a tablet holds everything from games, cartoons, movies, music, books and apps that can arouse interest and brighten up the mood of a kid the fun winds up unlimited. What’s more is that it turns into a moment for you as parents to bond with your children and get to spend time together. At the same time, tablet is ideal for car rides especially if you are going to far places. When you’re in the car for long hours and your kids are in tantrums already or too bored, a tablet is a God sent.

  • Improve Technology Skills

Different innovations are presented and continually executed in all gadget and electronic devices, and giving your child a chance to be exposed to a tablet and figure out how to grow and adjust with it is a sensible strategy in keeping your kid updated with the latest technology. By giving them access to the gadget early in life, not only are they picking up the basics quicker but they will also learn to accept set ground rules for screens. With all the functions that go with a tablet, kids will learn to figure out how to make settings, change and modify depending on their wants and needs. It’s an extensive move for future achievement and easy adaptation in the modern society. Let’s face it that this is the world they are growing up in and gadgets complete their social life nowadays, and it’s very important for kids to know how to utilize them.


In spite of the fact that there are various advantages on the child’s use of tablet including early literacy skills, researchers say that the use of tablet could meddle with the ability to develop empathy, critical-thinking abilities and socialization that are commonly learned during unstructured play and communication with peers, because the device may replace the hands-on activities vital in the development of sensorimotor and visual-motor skills of children, so before getting one and enabling your child to use it, read on and think about the accompanying negative effects listed below:

  • Hinders parent-child and social relationship

Between the ages of 0 and 2 years, a new-born child’s brain triples in size. Studies state that gadgets distract 1 to 2 year old toddlers from communicating and interacting with parents, siblings and other kids. A parent’s voice and touch can help build pathways in their brain which can guide them in learning how to bond with other people. However for kids who spend too much time with tablet, something other than what’s expected occurs and this includes impede language, social and emotional advancements. A child who uses too much gadget may end up isolated and may fail to develop normal communication skills, they find it hard anymore to make friends and develop empathy for others since they are already avoiding social interaction to spend more time using the device.

  • Develops addiction

One of the superb things with this innovation of modern technology is that there’s always something new that you can do and it’s practically endless. For that very reason, it’s very hard to quit and stop using them. Tablets enable a child to get anything they desire at the click of a button. Gadget use does not teach them moderation.

  • Impends mental and physical development

Prolonged screen time on gadgets for kids results with poor mental and physical development abilities because it replaces a child’s capability in practicing skills vital for their formative developments. A ton of positive physical and cognitive development comes from family and social interaction but when kids are always in front of a gadget these critical parent-child and social interaction are not happening. Being head down to a tablet and having no eye to eye connection with people may be destructive to your child’s mental health and brain development. Children should be dynamic and active physically. They should go out and explore the environment.

what is the best age for my kid to get a tablet?

What is the best tablet for your child?

A wide variety of tablets is available on the market, including ones explicitly made for young children. It doesn’t have to be complex, just keep in mind the things you will look for should include cost, usability and longevity. What your child needs is something with a lot of battery life with enough storage for a lot of games and apps for learning and entertainment and a screen that is not too big nor too little .You’ll need something that, as much as possible could grow a couple of years with your child. There are a lot of amazing tablets for children out there. Some are specifically made for kids with feature such as parental controls to guarantee your child’s safety. In any case, the three tablets listed below can match up to what is best suitable for your kids:

·      Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids edition

Best for ages 3-12, Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids comes with a durable foam case to prevent the gadget against drops and bumps. With top-notch parental controls, the device is loaded with child-friendly apps and books, while you can also give your child access to a library linked to your Netflix account.

·      LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate 

Best for ages 3-9, this tablet comes with games and videos but keep things simple since one of the feature of the tablet is limiting access to the internet.  The tablet is designed more for the education of young children that is why your kids can’t just purchase apps on the net, it comes pre-loaded with apps, games and puzzles with educational content in Math, Reading and Science to help kids with learning.

·      Apple iPad

what is the best age for my kid to get a tablet?

Best for ages 6-14, though this tablet is not explicitly designed  for younger children, there are some features set up to provide more focused technology and education services that can make this a very good tablet for older kids.  This iPad enables users to create a family sharing Apple ID for your child. Any family sharing accounts can have time limits set on social media apps, games and Netflix. Parents can also limit access to Safari, music, videos, games and camera.

Once you decide to finally give a tablet to your child. Consider the reasons why you want to get the device. A tablet can do many things, make or break your child but choosing quality apps suitable for child’s ages and supporting their learning using the device can make or break the advancement of your child.