how do you set up screen time on iPhone for your kid?

How to set up screentime on iPhone for my kid?

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For the last couple of years since 1995, the tech and innovation industry has struggled with the consequences of individuals carrying around computers with them every day, all day.

But, when it comes to Apple devices, iOS has always had a “Do not disturb” feature and notifications setting that you could adjust. However, with time, even this tool proved to be unhelpful to most individuals.

And so, Screentime was Apple’s solution to how we could stay productive at our workplaces and also give sufficient attention to our significant others. This new feature that you can find in the Settings Application in iOS 12 offers a wide array of metrics that award you an unforgiving and truly eye-opening look into exactly how individuals are using their devices every day.

The screen time feature is also a means for us to act on that information. Apple users can now impose restrictions on when and how often they can use their devices.

The same tool is also available to parents all around the world through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. Even though screen time for kids is a bit complex in some aspects and lacking in others, it is an excellent first step that you can avail to put your young one on a leash.

The feature might also require a certain time investment to master, but it generally succeeds on two levels. To begin with, since it works the same way the main feature works for other individuals, setting up the feature for your child will be familiar to you as long as you use screen time yourself.

Second, even though we would like to see Apple implement some age-appropriate default setting in its devices, I am pretty satisfied with the complexity of Screen Time; thanks to the customization features that it enables.

That said, according to a recent research executed by, experts and parents are increasingly concerned about the damage that is being done to our children because of the fact they are spending too much time looking at their screens.

The latest warning came from the Royal College of Child Health and Pediatrics, and it’s suggested that excessive utilization of the screens by teenagers and children is bringing a whole lot of negative outcomes on the individuals.

That includes every single thing from the potential for cyberbullying and bad sleep. On the other hand, the organization pointed out that the problem might be overestimated at the moment, but if measures are not put in place to deal with the issue, the effects may spiral out of control.

how do you set up screen time on iPhone for your kid?

Good news though, lots of companies in the innovation industry have become increasingly aware of this same issue and are trying to solve it using their products. As we have seen at the beginning of the post, Apple is one of the best examples.

Developers all around the world have included features that are stopping other features from being used while also monitoring what the young ones are doing on their phone when they are all alone. Features, such as ScreenTime can also kick your kid off when you think that it is getting too much.

Without further delay, here is a straightforward guide explaining how you can setup screen time on your children’s iPhones

Follow these very straightforward instructions to set up screen time on your child’s iPod, iPad, or iPhone devices.

Step 1

Start by logging into your FamilyTime web dashboard or directly open your FamilyTime Dashboard application.

Step 2

The second step is to select the child profile that you would like to set up the Screen Time on. Once you have done that, simply tap Settings.

Step 3

From the enumeration that gets displayed, I want you to select Limit Screen Time under the Parental Control section.

Step 4

Now tap the Add icon displayed on the upper left side of your screen in order to add a new rule that you would like to add. If you wish, you can either choose from the 3 already predefined rules on the screen (i.e. Bed Time, Dinner Time, and Homework Time) or you can simply define your own custom rules you would like.

Step 5

Type in the rule name and then enter the start and finish time you would like to set up. After that, tap save.  Below are two bonus tips that you can also avail

  • If you wish, you can also select the days of the week in case you want the rule to repeat themselves on certain days
  • You can add as many rules as you wish for your child’s profile as you like

Step 6

Ensure you toggle on the applications you would like your child to utilize and then the rest will be blocked automatically during that time you specified on the rules. From the section labeled “Allowed Apps”, toggle on the applications you would like to allow your child to use.

Step 7

Now you are all set! Immediately the rules time you specified on the phone kick in, the FamilyTime application will automatically lock the application that you have selected until the rule time comes to an end.

And the best thing about this is that the phone application will do it all automatically every day if you ask it to. You will not have to keep going back and setting it up.

Now that you understand how to set up screentime on your Kid’s iPhone, there are multiple things that constitute the Screen Time and you ought to understand them. You will see all these terms when you tap your child’s name on the FamilyTime dashboard.

how do you set up screen time on iPhone for your kid?
  • Downtime

The downtime feature is useful when you want to block all device usage during a specified period that you think that your child should do his/her homework, sleep, or just not appropriate to be on the screen.

Note though, you can only set one time period on the device, which implies that if you would like to control usage on a more complicated schedule, you will need to avail a different way.

For a child’s phone, the Downtime screen has an extra “Block at Downtime” option that you need to enable in order to actually block access to the device completely.  If you do not activate this feature and your child tries to use their phone at that time, they will be able to simply tap the ignore tab just like you, the adult can.

When you activate the “Block at downtime” feature, however, one would need the parent passcode to override the settings as that is the only way.

  • App Limits

Just like the name suggests, App Limits feature usually specifies how long a certain category of applications (or certain application) can be used every day, with the entire time resetting at midnight.

For your kid, I recommend that you do not set anything for the first week. This will allow you to see what applications they are using and for how long they are using them.

Once you know the application that you would like them to limit using, sit down and have a talk with them regarding the appropriate use of digital devices. Consequently, agree on limits with them, then set them.

If you wish, you can customize days in order to allow a bit more hours over the weekends, for example. And if you want, you can exclude certain applications from the limitation altogether by adding it on the Always Allowed screen.

Once your kid hits the app time usage limit, screen time feature will automatically block them from using the application again that day.

  • Content and Privacy Restrictions

This is where you will find all the previous parental controls that allow you to turn on a wide array of restrictions you would desire. To start, enable the Content and Privacy Restriction tab. You will find three basic sections here.

  • Content and store restrictions

Utilize these features to control application downloads and deletions, whether web content should be filtered or not, what type of content the phone can download from Apple’s online stores, and much more.

  • Privacy Restrictions

The entries on this tab will depend on the type of applications that are already installed. That said, the main feature here is whether you would like to allow location sharing.

  • Allow Changes

This feature relates to setting on your iPhone device itself. You may desire to disallow account or passcode changes and limit volume changes.

  • Reports

At the top of the main screen, you will find the Screen Time reports. This section details usage of the phone for both the current day and the last one week, exhibiting a graph of screen time by an hour or day. There is also color coding in order to indicate which application categories were used the most.

Make sure you review this report from time to time in order to see if more adjustments on the Downtime or App Limit are needed.

I hope you’re excited to include Screen Time in your parenting toolkit.